Fun First Date Ideas for a Successful First Date

Fun First Date Ideas for a Successful First Date


fun first date ideasIf your idea of first date is dinner and movie, well it seems as if you are running out of fun first date ideas. The “dinner and a movie” type of date is a thing of the past. You might find this article useful to add momentum into your dating life. Spice up your dating life by following some of these tips about first dates.

Lesson #1 – Have you ever thought of asking your date what she likes to do. Men neglect this very important aspect, they fail to realize that their cool first date ideas might not jive with hers. If a man knows what her woman would enjoy doing then things will be a lot easier. You can simply inject some of your creative ideas that would make your date feel more important.

Tip#2 – Ask your date to go with you on the beach. Spending time at the beach will make you and your date more comfortable with each other, it is also one of the tried-and-tested fun first date ideas. The venue is not really intimate because there are other people around. It is also not too crowded because you still get to spend time together with many interruptions from the other people in the beach.

Tip#3 – Visit art museums and galleries. These art pieces are great opportunity for you to remove awkward moments on your first date. Her interpretation of the art pieces will also help you learn a thing or two about your date. However, do something that will still keep her interested in you and not just the art pieces that you see.

Fun First Date Ideas to Get that Second Date

Lesson #4 – Rock climbing is not one of those usual romantic date ideas. But it is one of the fun first date ideas if your date likes the outdoors. To remove awkwardness during the first date, choose the type of date that is activity based. The adrenaline rush offered by rock climbing will not make your first date into a boring one.

Tip#5 – Go sightseeing. If you plan to go sightseeing, you have to make sure that you take your date to a place where there are lots of things to see. You can visit downtown areas because there are usually a lot of parks where you can stroll; at the same time you still get to enjoy the city life. Sightseeing provides the impression that you can share variety of things together. You will be more comfortable with each other in short span of time and would make a successful first date too.

Remember that first date is your first chance to create a positive impression. Not all men have the guts to ask a special someone for a date. Subsequently, not all men get yes for an answer on their request for a date. Be creative so as not to be known as “just another guy”. If you aim to get a repeat or second date, better make sure that you have a list of fun first date ideas.

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