Romantic First Date Ideas For Lovely Couple: Compromise For Success

Compromise is unquestionably critical to many problems we face. We are set in our ways that only our way will do. If only we could compromise, then we would be better placed to find common ground and work things out. I often hear people say that they will never compromise on who they would choose to date, what their principles are, what is satisfactory for a partner and so on. Who said they had a right to be so picky and challenging? Well, they did and they do have that right. The perilous outcome though is that they could be single for a long time yet unhappy in their personal lives because they are merely just too stiff.

Now I know that some of you are going to hate this idea of concession. After all, appearing to compromise in the past meant you have had some tough relationships and hard times with people. Why should you compromise, it is your life after all. You don’t have to concede at all.

You have the picture-perfect image of someone in your head and it’s not just about looks. You have an image built up from dreams as well as experience and you are willing to hold out for that, however long and whatever it takes. Life isn’t perfect and neither are people. Your idols aren’t perfect in their private lives and neither are you. So,why set such rigid rules about the people you are going to date.

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Dating and Compromising

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What do you seriously expect when dating? Do you expect to be hit by Cupid’s arrow every time you meet someone? Are you waiting for love at first sight? Are you hoping that every date will lead to marriage? These are vital questions because they oversee your initial reaction to every new date, they govern how you behave on a date and they govern what will happen at the end of date.

Dating is about fun by compromising and accepting that you will enjoy dating much more. After being on 50 dates you may well argue the point that you have a right to expect that eventually you will meet someone you can match with. You are right to be unfulfilled and I know what you are feeling. The fact is that dating takes time so assume to kiss a few frogs before you meet your prince.

Being part of a two-people team means exactly that, being a team. Being in a partnership means listening to both arguments, both sides of a case, both points of view. The word ‘relationship’ means compromise.

It seems to me these days that a relationship has become all too often a power struggle where one person is trying to get the upper hand, to dominate, to get their own selfish way. The second party becomes subjugated and weakened and stops being themselves. This is a modern disgrace hidden in too many relationships and it makes me tired to see it.



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