First Date Etiquette Tips

Everything about dessert is sexy, from the smell, to the rich taste, to the way it looks.

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(Chocolate has actually been shown to affect women’s hormonal levels.)

Practically all women love dessert, though some may try to decline because they’re self-conscious about pigging out in front of you.

Encourage her to go for it: remind her that tonight is a special occasion.

If she still would rather not, order for yourself and request two forks. Order something rich and decadent. She’ll be glad you did; few women can resist taking at least a couple of bites.

Other Tips For A Successful First Date

First dates don’t need to begin after sundown. Most guys figure a date shouldn’t start before 7pm, but if she expects to be home by midnight then you’re limiting your time with her.

Daytime activities can extend the time frame. You can enjoy some activities together and have a meal.

Plan day time dates around her interests. If she’s into sports, consider taking her to a local high school or college athletic event.

The atmosphere will be filled withy youthful energy and enthusiasm, and may bring back fond memories of your own school days.

Flea markets and swap meets can also be cool for an afternoon get-together.

We all know how women love shopping, and these are a fun, low-cost places where you can browse for hours.

It will also provide you with further Intell: with dozens of different booths and endless wares for sale, you’re going to find out some of her likes and dislikes, such as certain fragrances or types of artwork, furnishings and jewelry.

Walk with her through a swap meet, and you’ll gain more knowledge about her than you would in five hours on the phone.

If you’re an active person, a first date that allows you to walk around with her can be a good idea.

It’s an even better idea if you tend to have a lot of nervous energy in these situations.

Dinner requires you to park yourself in a chair and sit still for an hour. Walking will release this energy.

Browse local newspapers and websites that cover the music and arts scene in your area.

Keep your ears open for fairs or expos. Check out thrift and antique stores, art galleries, and cozy venues for live music.

Consider taking her to stores and places that are interesting and off the beaten path, while avoiding malls, movie theaters, chain restaurants and all the “usual” date locations.



Sign Up & Learn The 4 DEADLIEST Pickup Lines You Can Use To Get Girls! (Free Video)

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