How to Act After the First Date

How to Act After the First Date

Dates are meetings between two individuals who have the intent of exploring the possibility of loving each other. A couple may go anywhere they agree on during the first date. They may or may not have known or met each other before the date. Building a romantic relationship can be anxious and mind- stirring because you don’t necessarily know what to expect or how to get along with your date.

Although, there are no clear-cut rules even up to now on post-date manners. Fortunately, there are certain indicators that you may consider if you really want to know what to do once your date is over.

Adhere to these guidelines on how to act after first date.

Seek out how you felt about the first date. Your feelings about your date should guide you towards various preferences. For instance; if you really like her; then, you may prefer to see the person again, right away.

Move on with the evaluation.

Consider what you liked and disliked about the person you dated.  Create a record of the factors you liked about her, as well as the list of the things you did not like. Select if there is anything on the record that gives you a definitive response whether or not to bring the relationship to a higher level.

Calculate your level of attention. You may be extremely enthusiastic about knowing more about the person; therefore, have a stirring attention rather than a mere desire in knowing your date better. Remember that individuals may not always be their natural selves during first dates; so, you may want to give her a second chance to show her true personality.

Evaluate your date in a subjective standpoint. Although, there is no standard rules in dating and there no particular how-to-act formula in dating, there are ways to successfully go through a definitely subjective manner. Chances are, if a date was successful by certain measures; then, the second date is a wise decision.

Think about these things below:

 Knowing and understanding the signs and indicators of an excellent date are characterized by a constant eye contact, playful teasing, physical gestures (like touching hands), ease of conversation, open system stance, mimicking each others’ gestures and talking about doing things together in the future.

On the contrary, consciousness on the indicators of a bad date involve one individual who talk too much, excessive single- minded talk, bringing up past relationships, extended uncomfortable dead air, gazing at the watch regularly, overtly sexual teasing, texting or calling someone else during the first date, closed gestures like crossing the arms, frequent trips to the restroom, criticism, rudeness to other person, unwarranted passion, deficiency of response to the desired passion and unexpectedly ending the date earlier as expected.

Consider how enough time you spent for your first date. Gauging where and how much time was left off is a fantastic way to figure out how you should act after the first date.

 If it lasted for a few minutes without further ado as you walk to the doorway that may be indication of attention deficiency. On the other hand, if both of you seemed to be stretching by the end of the date; then, there may be a better deal to expect.

When both parties willingly go for a kiss at the end of the date, it is likely that they are both enthusiastic about getting to know each other. On the other hand, if the date ended with an awkward hug or an unreciprocated loving gesture; then, it is likely to say that either one or both of you was not enthusiastic about bringing the relationship onwards.

 Keep in mind that the ending comments of can be the major factor with regards to how you should act afterward. If you tell your date that you will call her; then, it is up to you to carry it out. Likewise, if your date ends ambiguously with no one initiating a follow-through; then, you will have to choose on how to handle things after first date.

Follow up in accordance with what you know about the date. Take into account how you feel about the date, how subjectively effective you think about it and how it ended. You have several options when it comes to post-date follow-up as follows:

If you figure out that you are not fervent about getting to know the person after the first date; or, if you are convinced enough that the date was irreparably unsuccessful; then, there is no need to pursue another date.

However, it is a wise decision to let the person know that you are not fascinated so as to prevent unwanted follow-up on the other end.

 If the date went well and you want to see the other person again; then, you may want to get in touch with the other person as much as you both want. There are no official suggestions on when and how to set up contact again. It is a subjective decision. Nonetheless, two to three days is a usual frame regarding this endeavor.

 Prepare what you want to say in advance so as to prevent stumbling over your words. Be sure to let the other person know that you enjoyed the date with a wonderful person like her. Tell her that you like to get to know her better through seeing her again.

Also, be ready to make a specific second date suggestions. For instance, an excellent post-date message could go something like, “I had a great time with you the other night. I would love to see you again. Would you like to see that new movie we talked about this coming weekend?”

If you desire for a second date but refuse to make a follow-up, get in touch with her immediately. You have no choice but to wait for the other person to get in touch with you.



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