Choosing The Best Things To Talk About On A First Date

SelectingThe most effectiveThings To Talk About On A First Date

things to talk about on first date

A successful relationship starts with a successful first encounter, therefore it is important to know what to talk about on a first date. However, this simple activity can seem like a daunting endeavor to many individuals. This is often because one neglects to think about this particular aspect of the date ahead of time.

When planning a first date, much of the focus centers around choosing a location for the date as well as what one should wear. However, successful communication can be even more important than the attire one chooses, or the quality of the food at a restaurant. The most romantic setting in the world, or the sharpest looking outfit cannot make up for awkward, stilted conversation. For those who have recently ended a long term relationship and are just re-entering the social scene, it may be difficult to keep up a comfortable flow of words. The following are a few tips to make that first conversation successful:

Sharing Your Day

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A simple but effective first date conversation starter that works for almost anyone, is to ask one’s date about his or her day. Most people have had at least one or two incidents throughout the day that are worth mentioning, such as a new assignment at work, news that a friend or relative is expecting a baby, or even eating at a new restaurant for lunch. It is sometimes the smallest detail that helps to get a conversation rolling. Something as simple as losing one’s keys can lead into a sharing of funny stories about misplaced objects or getting locked out, as these are things that have happened to almost everyone.


It is also wise for a person to ask about his or her date’s family. How many siblings one has, or where he or she grew up are great conversation starters as these are topics that can build into long and interesting conversations. For instance, if someone mentions growing up in another state, his or her date could ask if the person goes home for the holidays, or if family members have ever come for a visit. Such questions also show that the person has a genuine interest in his or her companion.

Favorite Books and Movies

Almost everyone has a favorite book or movie, and asking someone about such things is a great way to open up a wide variety of subjects and subsequently build the conversation. Famous authors, actors, musicians, and other celebrities make ideal topics as such subjects are difficult to exhaust. This is also a great way for one to discover if he or she shares similar tastes in these areas.


Good, bad or indifferent, most people have at least something to say about work. In addition, most individuals usually feel comfortable talking about their job, as there is little risk of accidentally saying something wrong or inappropriate when on this topic. It is also a subject that can open the door to other areas, such as asking a person if he or she enjoys the job, and his or her long term career plans.

What to Avoid–Common First Date Pitfalls

While it is important to know what to talk about on a first date, it is also essential that one know what topics to avoid. Every couple is different; however, certain subjects do not lend themselves well to first date dialogue. Although some of the world’s most fascinating conversations involve religion and politics, these topics are sometimes not the best choice for a first date. Of course, if the small talk has been exhausted and two people realize they have similar views on such things, then these subjects can indeed help to keep the evening interesting.

However, something that should always be avoided is conversation about either party’s past relationships. Whether one’s previous relationships were completely disastrous or nothing special, his or her date probably is not interested in hearing about it. If the conversation has somehow strayed to this topic, one can simply say that each relationship is a learning experience and then promptly change the subject.

The most important thing for one to keep in mind when deciding what to talk about on a first date, is that his or her partner is probably nervous as well. A great way to relax the mood is to find something humorous to say that will illicit a laugh, as laughing tends to put people at ease. Most individuals would agree that the more relaxed a couple feels, the more enjoyable the date will turn out.

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