Top Ten Romantic First Date Ideas

Winter is bidding goodbye. Summer is about to say hello. Therefore, there are so many ways to show off the romantic part of your personality without any inhibitions.

Men desire to look good and feel good in spending some time with attractive women. These men are confident and easy-going enough to invite both hot club goddesses and shy butterflies for date.

The “way to women” is undeniably in them. However, there might be some external forces that keep them from being the most attractive guy in town.


One is the lack of knowledge as to how to come up with a remarkable and highly satisfying first date.

Romantic dinner and theater or movie date are the most common types of date that majority of guys do. Frankly speaking guys, girls will find these aforementioned settings extremely boring.

Take note that you might not be the first man who invited this girl for a romantic dinner date. Thus, there might have been somebody else who brought her in a movie house.

Therefore, why not try something new? I’m sure that there are lots of wonderful places that quite deserve a visit.

Allow me to give you a list of the top ten romantic first date ideas that most successful couples today tried during their courting stage.

Top one. Take a balloon flight. This is considerably the most romantic date night idea. Women love beautiful sceneries. The beauty of the world can make them feel relaxed.

Furthermore, it can also give them the perfect chance to appreciate the beauty of life as they move closer to the stars under the amazing beautiful night sky.

This idea gives you the advantage of giving her a remarkably challenging experience without compromising the romance in the entire setting. It’s quite a clever notion, isn’t it?

Top two. Go stargazing. If the idea of riding in a hot air balloon is unattainable for some reasons, why not go somewhere out door in order to gaze at the magnificence of the dark sky’s vast horizon. In doing so, you can get away from the crowd and noise of the city streets. Aside from that, it does not demand a long day preparation and a big amount of cash to burn out.

This is primarily because of the fact that all you need to do is pack a bottle of wine, a blanket and a few light snacks to treat your stomachs.

Top three. Travel by carriage. Girls will surely love riding a carriage back home. This idea is proven to be winning in catching the hearts of those hopelessly romantic women. Her girlfriends will surely get jealous with this one-of-a-kind sweet experience.

Top four. Go uptown. If your wallet is boasting with the load of cash on it, open it up and pamper her with a fine dinner experience in those expensive restaurants. Most sophisticated girls love spending some time in this kind of luxurious and extravagant setting. Surefire it is.

Top five. Set sail on the high seas. This notion is perfect for those people who spend most of their lives in the four corners of the office that they are working with. The fact on how tight their schedules are and how distracting the work pressure is, assures you that giving her a breath of fresh air will receive utmost appreciation from her.

Through this, you are not just simply showing her that you are such a romantic person to be with. More significantly, you are also giving her the chance to see your optimism towards a happy life.

Top six. Picnic at sunset or have a breakfast at sunrise. Even decades ago, this notion had been impressive and passionate enough to bring couples together. The simplicity of the idea does not compromise the romance in its nature. The thrill remains to be electrifying.

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Top seven. Go to a free outdoor concert in the park. Music, wine, blanket and snacks make up a perfect combination for an awesome first date.

Top eight. Set the mood under a bottle of red wine.

Top nine. Heat up the oven with something yummy and delicious dish. Most girls love men who know about cooking. In fact, there is a saying that goes, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” This quotation is also believed to be real for women. Make her a dinner. You might also practice cooking together.

Top ten. Sit by the fire. Light a fire in the fireplace while doing some chitchatting under a bottle of white wine. The idea is simple. However, it is strong enough to ignite the spark in your hearts.



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