First Date Tips that Men Should Know

For your first date, you need to pay for everything. If your date suggest on splitting the bill, politely turn down the offer. However, if she still insists in doing so, simply allow her to pay whatever she wants. Never even mention about splitting the bill when you ask your date out or during the course of your date. You can gauge whether your date insist on paying the bill just because she feels obliged to do it; but as a rule the guy should pay for everything.

In conclusion, if you had a great time with your date; take the initiative to inform her and how much you would like to see her again for a second date. As much as possible, be completely honest about your date whether or not you had a good time. If your date didn’t turn out as expected be honest about it but never in a brutal manner. Do not lead your date on nor play hard to get too. By the way, arriving on time is also part of the first date tips; so don’t be late.

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    At last! Sohmeting clear I can understand. Thanks!

  • Helpful First Date Tips for Men December 22, 2011 Reply

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