Get a First Date Planner for a Successful First Date

first date plannerYou may want to get the services of first date planner for your first date. It is because it is your one and only chance to create the positive impression. It is very important to plan and prepare your first date whether it is a meeting with your blind date or you finally had the guts to ask your good friend out on a date. If you cannot afford to get a planner to do things for you; you might as well do it yourself. The steps are quite simple and easy to do and you will be amazed on how good you are in planning a date.

First Date Planner Tip #1

The most vital thing that you need to do first is of course to ask her out on a date. It pays to call her in advance most especially if you have a specific date in mind. Avoid calling a day before to ask her out because she may have had other plans already. Informing your date in advanced will also imply that you have been thinking of her and wanted to reserve a date despite the busy schedule. The feeling of excitement is also there as the big day draws nearer.

First Date Planner Tip #2

If you have a first date planner, you would most likely need to inform him/her on the kind of relationship that you already have. Generally, if you are meeting a blind date or a friend that you have met over the internet, it is ideal to have your first in public restaurant. For a blind date meeting, it is best to have other people around during the first date. However, if you are going out on first date with your friend; you can reserve a candlelit dinner or a picnic under the moonlight. This kind of date is one of the most romantic first date ideas that will help you score a point if you want to start a romantic relationship with your friend.

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First Date Planner Tip #3

Forget about the traditional dinner-and-a-movie kind of date if you want to connect with the other person. Having a dinner is a perfect idea but watching a two-hour movie would not give you time to get to know each other. Instead of going to a movie after your dinner date; you can bring her to a coffee shop to get your servings of dessert. A dinner and dessert date will provide you plenty of opportunity to converse and get to know her a little better.

First Date Planner Tip #4

Another essential thing that you must not forget when planning a first date is the arrangement of your date’s transportation. It would surely overwhelm your date if you are going to pick her up in a limo. You do not need to inform her that you are going to use a limo; just surprise her and then invite her into the limo and sit with you. You can open a bottle of champagne or wine to get the perfect first date impression. This is a sure fire way to start your fun first date!

First Date Planner Tip #5

Lastly, do not forget to confirm your reservations in advanced. You would not want to be in an embarrassing situation wherein you and your date are standing in front of the lobby complaining about a missing dinner reservation. Prior to your reserved date, double check if everything is correct and according to your instructions. To make the date more romantic, you can request for a table near the window especially if there is a scenic view.

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