New First Date Ideas for Outdoorsy Women

Best First Date Ideas for Outdoorsy Women

If you’re looking for something more unique than the common “dinner and a film,” for a great first date, this is what you are looking for. I can tell you that people usually get significant brownie things in coming up with the best date for the most stunning woman they will be bringing for a date. Preparing for an innovative and unique date is as hard as finishing a thesis paper.

If your woman likes outdoor activities, here are few ideas for your first round rendezvous that will attract her outdoorsy personality. This can further ascertain the fact of getting a second date.

Go mountain climbing.

The essential key about hiking is strolling with another person with you. Find a shades trail in those wonderful woods. Encourage her along for the journey. The backdrop will offer a welcoming diversion while you two get to know each other.

One of my all-time favorite first date ideas is hiking. This one need some preparation as the two of you will need to take an overture type if you’re not an experienced climber. Still, there are a lot of fitness centers that offer cost-effective trainings for the two of you. You can also go ahead and get your own trainer. Make believe, and it will happen. If you are all set for an action-filled journey with your woman; then, perform your post-climbing tastes by getting some meals.

Go for an eat-out in the recreation area.

This is a traditional first-date getaway. It’s difficult to go wrong with a cloth, wine and some home-made snacks somewhere outside. Let your care glow through as you let her see the sweetness you have from within. This way, you are showing off the romantic side of your masculine built. Thus, letting her peep it is one way to make her desire to be part of your marvelous and happy disposition in life.


At this point of generalization, women are perceived to be like farm pets. Whether it’s the “white knight” position or just a plain fun of seating on a certain place for several moments; women are more focused on the relationship that goes in between her and her date. She is more on the central sensation that overshadows the entire experience. Therefore, women love to have a great time experiencing the thrill, excitement and fun, especially with the man they are attracted with.

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For those men who are fortunate enough to live near a river, why not lease a canoe (yes, just one, people, you do the paddling) and flow around? The water is an ideal place for diving. This is probably a little much for a date. However, if she is go-getter enough to be nearly-naked to dangle out with you, this is a perfect idea for a date.


If you’ve got a daredevil on your arms, you’ll build a long term relationship by bouncing out in an aircraft, side by side. This is not suggested for the inexperienced people. It’s an incredible way of boosting the convenience and comfort that might separate you from her. The enjoyment will be made more intense especially if it is done on very lovely scenery. The strong world is sure to carry you two nearer together.


Looking for something a bit tamer? Stroll out the town on two tires. If you’re serious about wooing this one, you might even consider leasing a conjunction bicycle. It’s a risk, and probably, a bit on the goofy part, but it’s difficult to resist the advantage of “a bicycle designed for two.”

Outside camping!

It might be inflation for a first date but if you’re really clinging into a patio sensation; toss an outdoor tent in the car and take her away to a hidden spot. There are no television, menu-perusing, or snotty servers to draw attention away from you. Therefore, you are deeply assured that nothing can shift her attention away from you. This might sound selfish. But this time, be selfish anyway! You cannot afford to wreck your plans with just a little inhibition, isn’t it?

Girls and dating demand knowledge, positive attitudes, and sometimes luck.

To sum it up; no matter where you bring her for a date, always bear in mind that she is such a wonderful girl who deserves the best treatment in the world. Pamper her. A man who is always prepared is better than those who own all the riches in the world.

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