How to Get a First Date: Tips and Advices

How to get a first date?

At this juncture, allow me to give you a set of tips and advices that can help you a lot in putting some spice into your life. I understand your yearning man. I can feel your eagerness to be the best for your girl. I can see the blazing fire of passion in your eyes.

Let me end your agony with these surefire tips in dating even the most beautiful woman in town.

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First, concentrate on self improvement. Spice up your appearance a bit. The way you look plays a very significant role in winning her interest. Do a little twist towards proper grooming.

Visit your hair stylist at least twice a month. Wear a clean, well- ironed and perfectly fitted tee shirt. Bid goodbye to your dirty-looking get up. Switch to a different style that can make every woman turn their head towards your direction.

Moreover, be friendly. Draw a smile on your face every time you approach people. Look and act like a sociable man. If happened that you got into standing with your arms crossed, stop it.

Now is the perfect time to change it. Learn to socialize and act naturally or casually as possible in dealing with people. Frowning subconsciously send a negative vibe to others which can further make you live life alone forever.

Second, go where she is. Wherever your girl hangs out, make it your new place of interest as well. Give her the impression that you are romantically indulged with her, enough to give her your quality time.

Whether it is in a mall, bookstore, museum, or in a public park, be there without any inhibitions. In doing so, you get the perfect chance to run into her.

Third, observe her from a distance. However, never look like a creepy stalker. Make some notes on her interests. If she happens to glance your way, smile and maintain an eye contact in order to show off confidence and friendliness. If she holds your gaze, go towards her direction for a short chitchat.

Act and sound casually. Never spoil the chance to ask her for a date. Read her body language. Again, maintain an eye contact while talking to her. This time, try to suggest an informal date in a public venue. That woman still considers you as a total stranger. Of course, she won’t go with you instantly for a more private date.

Accept her answer casually. Do not overreact. Do not act stupid when you get a “yes” for an answer. She will certainly be turned off with the kind of attitude you are showing her.

Again, never be hindered by the thought of rejection. Give a push. No matter what kind of answer you get.



Sign Up & Learn The 4 DEADLIEST Pickup Lines You Can Use To Get Girls! (Free Video)

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