Good First Date Ideas For College Students: Jumpstart Your Dating Enigma

Adult women or “the alpha woman.” This species of women are the most fun section to write about or even debate.

This is the woman most men become involved to in some way or another but the main one is sex, only the husband can have sex with his wife.

“The alpha woman” is best described as a female spider, there is a chance she might eat her husband when she is through with him.

When you approach “the alpha woman” be cautious, not as cautious as with “women in training”, but watch your back.

She will want you to buy her a drink, take her out to five star restaurants, feed her dogs/cats, buy her jewelry, and finally move in with her.

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I am only going to take you through the first date like I did in the “women in training” section.

“The alpha woman” isn’t as strict as “women in training” so you can be a little late to pick them up. This shows that you’re not moving to fast. When you arrive at her house knock three times and wait patiently and listen, she might say “Come on in and have a seat” so make sure you are listening for that. If she never asks you to come I while she is getting ready just wait for her outside patiently and tell her she looks beautiful no matter what when she meets up with you.

Once in the car let her pick the music you listen to, if you don’t she will change the station anyways. On the drive to the Five Star restaurant make small talk nothing too complicated or long but just enough to let her know you know she is there.

At the restaurant order for her, you ‘must’ know what she wants by the times this step comes along. Order her dish first followed by yours and let her order her desert for the both of you. Almost forgot, during dinner and desert don’t forget to compliment her.

Don’t overdo it but compliment her just enough to get her giddy. After desert, stand up and help her out of her chair then push the chair back in and don’t forget to pay the bill and leave a large tip. In the car on the drive home let her know she is beautiful once more and relax because the date is almost over.

Take her to the front door and give her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. If she wants more she will let you know. If she offers you to come in, say no. She will see you’re a gentleman and respect you more and might actually want a second date.


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