1. Go for a walk and converse.  A simple walk is the most basic you might just need; walking is a relaxing moment wherein you can share and converse on topics that are interesting to both of you. Remember don’t talk about your past relationships! Leave your date wanting you more. You can also bring your pets like dogs to accompany you.
  2. Watch a movie. This might be the most primitive date that you have in mind, but be creative enough. Try something new, like going on an outdoor movie or drive in movie theater if you still have that near in your place.
  3. Go for a run together. If going outdoor is her type and she’s up for a challenge then go for it!
  4. Have your own idea of a picnic. Choose an appropriate spot where you can spend time with each other, you might  just as well have a takeout  or sweeter if you cooked for her, just  in case you want to and you know how to cook.
  5. Go for a skate. Some us thinks that roller skating is just for kids, but admit that you like it; come on it’s a date! Go out and have some fun!
  6. Take her to dinner at the boardwalk. Very passionate and romantic! Just don’t invite any silly ideas if you don’t want to be slapped!
  7. Ride in a hot air balloon. You might think that it’s easy, but riding in  a hot air balloon is tricky, if you’re girl is up for an adventure plus romance, she is taking the right track with you.
  8. Go cliff jumping! remember to assist her with the ropes and ensure her safety.
  9. Go camping if not overnight  then at least a bonfire will do, bring some card and board games, have a little bit of barbeque and snacks. Remember to load a stuff of woods and you’re good to go!
  10. Go for a bike. Be sure to pick an easy trail. You don’t want to embarrass anyone, and you don’t want to ruin a chance to get to know them
  11. Go to a race track (drag race and etc.) There are a lot of choices. Pick something that both of you are interested.
  12. Go for a horseback ride. Riding horses are somewhat difficult you might just need some assistance. You can both decide if you ride together or split up.
  13. Watch the stars with a telescope. It’s really breathtaking!
  14. Go boating. It’s quite and relaxing, perfect for a trouble-free conversation.
  15. Date for two on a lake side. A melodic background and candle lights will make it more romantic!

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  • Two of Us Dating Service July 11, 2012 Reply

    You definitely described some thrilling adventure type dates that are sure to make for awesome memories for those who are up for a challenge. Your more relaxed laid back suggestions are great for all types of daters. Thanks for posting.

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