First Date Ideas For Men Who Are Interested In Vietnamese Women And Japanese Girls


Many men are drawn to Asian women as if by a magnet. They find them fascinating, mysterious, and very, very beautiful, and for good reason too. These ladies are not the same as Western women when it comes to relationships though, and it is for this reason that so many men are hesitant about asking them on a date. Following are some really good first date ideas, for those men out there, who are interested in starting a relationship with Asian women, particularly Vietnamese women and Japanese girls.

Vietnamese womanVietnamese Women

One of the best first date ideas when trying to date a Vietnamese woman, is that it is vitally important to adhere to the proper traditional dating etiquette procedure.
Some Very Important First Date Ideas to Remember When Dating a Vietnamese Woman:
•Let her know that you are interested in her, but do not even think about any close contact with her yet,as she is traditional and will not take kindly to physical intimacy.

•Be patient, and do not try to rush into getting what you want.

•No matter how impatient you become, do not be angry or show aggression, or you will frighten her away.

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•Avoid the temptation to get physical with her, by making sure to meet her in public places, rather than a movie house, because your hands will tend to stray when the lights go down.

•She will become more comfortable with you, if you show her that you respect her culture.

•Above all, demonstrate your respect for her family by doing things the Vietnamese way, and ask her parent’s permission to date their daughter.

All you need to do basically, is use your common sense, and if you are not sure what to do as far as your Vietnamese lady is concerned, then ask her, or simply watch how she behaves, and you will soon get the hang of it.

japanese-womenJapanese Girls

In the Japanese culture, families and parents play a big role in their children’s relationships, but dating Japanese girls is a lot less formal than going on that first date with a Vietnamese woman.

First Date Ideas and Tips on Dating Japanese Girls

•It is quite appropriate for the first date to take place in a nice coffee shop, restaurant, or club. However, Japanese girls know exactly what they want, and will become offended if the dating venue is not to her liking.

Avoid this by finding out what her preferences are first, before asking her out on that date. If it is impossible for you to find out where to take her, then go for the safest option, a restaurant.

•Do not be late! This is a very important first date idea, and one that you should never forget. When you have set a time and place for your date with her, then make sure that you are there at the stipulated time. Showing up on time for an appointment, in the Japanese culture, is proof of your utmost respect for the person that you are supposed to meet.

•Your politeness, good sense of humor, and charming personality, will get you very far on your first date.

•Her family and their opinions are very important to her, so make sure that, when you do eventually meet them, to stay in their good books.

Traditionally, Japanese girls are on the lookout for a masculine type of man, and enjoy having a man around them who takes charge. This is by no means a cue to be bossy or disrespectful towards her, but rather that she wants to feel safe when she is with you. In other words, should there be some sort of incident when you are out with her she will know that she does not have to worry, because you have everything under control.

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