First Date Conversation Tips To Remember

Very first Date Conversation Ideas To Remember

first date conversation tips

Many people would welcome first date conversation tips when struggling to find something to talk about on a first date. Not knowing the person well may make it a little hard to get started. There may be a bit of anxiety involved when trying to impress someone new, as well. That is why it is a good idea to have some first date conversation starters in mind before meeting the other person.

Most people like to be admired for their looks, so a man could start by complimenting a woman’s dress or overall appearance by telling her she looks beautiful. While it is entirely proper these days to compliment a man’s appearance, most women are reluctant to do so. However, a compliment about a man’s car is always in order.

After the initial greetings, continue with a bit of small talk, remembering the first date conversation tips you have thought about beforehand. Show an honest interest in your date and ask open ended questions instead of those with yes or no answers. If you have met recently and do not know each other well, it is okay to ask about things that will help you get to know the other person, such as whether she always lived in the local area or if she has brothers and sisters.

Above all, do not make your conversation sound like an interview or a grilling. Make a conscious effort to stay calm and relaxed and do not keep firing questions. Let the small talk go where it will, and only ask another question when the talking lags a little.

It is all right to admit to being a little nervous if you feel you are not making the best impression. Keep in mind that the other person is probably nervous or uneasy, too, and if you try to put him or her at ease, you will naturally begin to feel more relaxed yourself.

People generally like to talk about themselves, so asking about pleasant things, such as someone’s hobbies or pets will usually get all but the most shy to open up and talk about his or her favorite things to do, or the latest antics of the pet. Just be sure to hang on every word and give the person your complete attention. Never interrupt, and above all–do not look at your watch while the other person is talking.

More First Date Conversation Starters

Try to find some mutual ground that you are both interested in. Ask about places the person has visited or where the best vacation spots are. Pay close attention because everything that is revealed will give you clues that determine if there is a possible friendship or at least a second date in your future.

Asking what someone would do with a huge lottery win may add interesting or surprising turns to otherwise small talk. You may find the person wants to help others, start a foundation, open a business or get more education for a new career. While he or she may never win the lottery, this will give a glimpse into what wishes and desires are in the heart, and what the future goals may be.

What Not to Talk About

Of all the tips to keep in mind, the most important may be what you should not talk about. It is not at all proper, for instance, to discuss finances or investments on a first date. Something else to leave out of the conversation is any talk about an ex-significant other.

While it is proper to casually mention a divorce if the other person does not know your history, that is all that should be said. If you have children and the other person does not, do not tell lengthy stories to emphasize how adorable they are.

Just be Yourself

Some of the best advice ever given is to just be yourself. Try not to stress about how things are going, and remember your immediate goal is just to enjoy the evening. Ask if your date has been to some popular local restaurant or club, or has seen a certain movie. Depending on the reply, this may be an opening to ask for a second date later in the evening, so keep these first date conversation tips in mind.

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