Good And Proven Ideas For A First Date

first date tipsThe first date is always a defying moment. You probably don’t know this person very well and the first date is principally about first impressions and getting to know one another without actually burrowing into their private life.

The first date can be an exceptional one but you don’t want to leave that person feeling like they fell in love on the first date or else you may want to run for cover while this person is just getting started.

Never ask a question that you couldn’t or wouldn’t want to answer yourself. I have seen this one done a million times and I must tell you that it could lead you on the road to a bad start.

Sure, you are trying to get to know this individual but you shouldn’t ask questions about their past, at least not on the first date.

First impressions always count on the first date.


When we talk about first impressions, we often think about the way a person dresses, acts, and handles them.

Depending on the type of date, you will want to dress properly but not over the top. It wouldn’t be too good if you showed up with a $500 suit and your date showed up with something more casual.

Self-confidence is a must but don’t be to overconfident. Being confident is very significant when on the first date. You want this person to know that you take pride in what you do and who you are. Bullish can be a bad thing if you constantly talk about yourself. Let the other person talk and ask questions. This is the chance for you two to get to know each other but to also see how well your chemistry connects with this person.

Most people will know how they feel about the other person by the end of the first date. This doesn’t mean that you should be quick to judge or quick to want to marry this person, this only means that you will perhaps know if a second date is in order.

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If you feel that you would like to go on a second date, leave that person with your number and tell them that you had a great time and would like to do this again.

Tell them that if they want to go on another date they can call you by a certain day to let you know. This allows the other person to respond and if they don’t this could let you know that they aren’t attracted without having an awkward moment.

When should I kiss is the big question. I wouldn’t advice any tongue on the first date, a simple cheek peck is fine followed by a hug. “French Kissing” can be a bit much but you should also play this by ear so that you will know if the other person is fascinated in kissing you back in the same way.

The first date could make the day of a enduring friendship or it could mark the date for a horrifying disaster. Depending on how you play it and how this person reacts will let you know how this person really feels about you. Keep in mind that not all first dates are awful and not all of them end up with a fairy tale romance.




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