How to Talk to College Girls: Conversation Tips

Conversation Tips – How To Talk To Girls

Talking to ladies is challenging. I know. I’ve been there.

Back in high school, there was this really eye-catching lady who snatched my heart. My issue was that, I just didn’t know what to say to her. Over and over, I’d see her in my class and think about what it would be like to take her out and go through various dates with her.  I’d have to study each lesson very hardly in order to top the class. This is for the purpose of getting her attention.

Decades later, I found her on Facebook. She confessed that she always had an attraction on me. Then, I realized that if only I had said anything, she would have said yes. But now, she had shifted on and is involved in a long-term relationship with somebody else.


Talking to ladies is traumatic. Because of the pressure, this would mean that so many of you people prefer not to go through with it. As a result, you tend to move up to these possibilities with great women. This is the reason why I’ve crafted this step-by-step secrets and techniques in talking to ladies.

First and foremost, we’re going to start with what to say to start a conversation.

Step 1: Begin with the discussion right away.

There are too many people today who get terrified in starting a simple conversation. These individuals might be having a very hard time fighting their fears and inhibitions away. Furthermore, start to open your mouth and say “Hi!” As simple as that!

As you successfully key in the correct word and open up the chitchat, you ought to focus on the discussion on menial aspects such as the things they love to do or just the bar they usually visit. You might say, “Do you come her often?”  Through this, the woman that you approach will be amazed when the discussion goes somewhere mind- stirring. Try to look for something that you both are enthusiastic about.  Start talking about that. Make it mean something. Make it significant.

Step 2: Come on with her.

This is a biggie. Moreover, to go through with crazy things to say to a lady, you must do a little research on the dos and don’ts in talking to girls. However, let me tell you few things that you must know in this endeavor. First, talk about things that aren’t too personal like favorite music, food and bands. You can also talk about her friends, brothers and sisters as well as her family. Talking about travels is a surefire topic too. Lastly, you can talk about her job and future employment plans. In doing so, you are not just getting to know her better; but, you are also figuring out what type of lady you are speaking with.

Step 3: Make her laugh.

This is tough. If you are trying too hard to be humorously funny, she will know it right away. To tell you frankly, it will break the connection in a snap. But it’s actually a little simpler than what you think once you know how to effectively do it.

Step 4: Clash with her a little.

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One of the primary faults that men usually commit is instantly saying “yes” with the lady in every opportunity they get (just to be able to make out a connection between the two of you). While this is more suitable than just shouting at each other at the top of the other’s voice, you still have to make yourself out to show off the dominance in your own personality. You must make her look at you as a man whose values, principles and views are unique as hers. Believe me. She will like you more because of it.

Step 5: Have the so-called conversation playoffs.

How to do it? It’s easy. Check this out!

If the discussion strikes a lull – and most of them do – then, it’s time to break out the conversation to electrifying games. Things like “Name your top 5s regarding soccer players in the country.” and “Would you rather choose this above this?”  are proven to be highly effective in sustaining her attention into your conversation in general.

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