Great First Date Ideas for Active People

Great first dates give individuals the time and space to talk freely, laugh without restriction and get to know each other in through authentic conversation.

The plans made for a first date reveal about your emotional and physical values.  Do you like to entertain or be entertained?  Do you enjoy food and conversation?  Are you energetic or athletic?  Do you love sports, music, or have another high priority in your life?  How you plan your first date reflects who you are.

If you are the type of person, who enjoys active entertainment and groups of lighthearted people, then making reservations for a local comedy club is a good idea.

A comedy club is usually like a bar, serving food and drinks, but has the added attraction of a low key atmosphere and amusing entertainment.   When you first arrive, most likely there will be a line at the door.

Take these few moments to see how your date is in this type of social situation, hopefully, not impatient and complaining.  When the staff is seating you, it will be interesting to see if you like to sit in the same area, if you each are the front row or back row type of person.  Reactions to the comic routine will demonstrate if you have compatible senses of humor, which is so important in a relationship.

If you are exceptionally brave, and improve show could be fun or if it is too rude or crude it will be awkward on a first date.  A simple variation on providing an entertaining evening would be going to a karaoke night at a club.  Easy and lighthearted fun, whether you can carry a tune or not, and it gives folks the opportunity to talk, laughs and entertain.

Planning a first date around food and conversation is a reliable strategy and usually involves making reservation at the best restaurant in your budget.  Restaurants have comfortable surroundings, individualistic ambiance and without distractions so that conversations can be meaningful.  Sometimes, a setting that is too romantic can create pressure to share on a deeper level than may be appropriate for a first date.

A fun alternative is to make dinner together, which has the benefit of showing the personality of the person’s home environment, or even better, make a picnic lunch or dinner.  A picnic can be a inspired idea in a casual setting with an intimate mood.  Special picnic times would be an early morning breakfast in the park watching the sun come up, or a late evening dinner to lay under the stars and share your dreams.

If you are athletic or highly energetic, finding a date that is on the same wavelength will be critical.  An early morning jog through on a local running path is you are a runner, playing basketball at the park or volleyball on the beach will provide the ability to show off your fitness and enjoy how your date looks while working out.

It isn’t the time to be a show off or go to any extreme, sweaty bodies does not make a great date, but keeping the activity level reasonable and demonstrating good sportsmanship will be a enjoyable time.

A bit less active but still sports related venue would be golf, miniature golf, bowling, or indoor rock climbing.  A club venue for an active date would have a dance floor and great music.  There is less opportunity to talk, but if your idea of fun is moving more and talking less, than this may be a good place to get to know each other.  When the stress of a first date is relieved through activity, people are relaxed.

Music is a common ground for many people so making a first date reflective of share tastes is sure to be a success.  Most cities have multiple venues, such as a concert or symphony hall,  to have a music based date. Music generates an emotional connection that can communicate more than words.

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To incorporate music into a different dating situation, take the time to share each other’s favorite tunes or take care in choosing background music. There are so many great first date ideas. The first step is finding the right person to share them.



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