Amazing First Date Ideas For A Memorable Encounter

first date tipsWe can all get stuck in the dinner and a movie rut. It’s just an easy go-to date plan that can swiftly become mind-numbing. The great thing about dating is you get to explore new experiences while you are discovering a relationship!

So how do you make that ride a little more unforgettable? When you think back on your best dates, what makes them so outstanding? Was it the things you did? Was it the way you felt?

How do you find a way the date stand out in someone’s memory? What style of dates does you like the most?

You may have experienced several dates already. You must have asked yourself what went wrong in all those dates that you have, all of them seem uninteresting or gloomy. Hence, this article will give you tidbits of information on making your date extraordinary and entertaining.

During the first date, you need to look outstanding. So, better brush up on your wardrobe as soon as a date has been set so you have ample time to decide what to wear. Perhaps, you should have second thoughts on wearing your 10-year old sneakers. You might also need a clad haircut or a clean shave. You should make sure that your finger nails are clean and that you smell good because the aphorism first impression lasts still holds true.

After complying with the good grooming aspect in dating, you can then proceed to planning out where to go and what to do. One of the many pieces of advice that you can take in order for the date to be memorable and fun is to take the road less traveled, that is, you do something new, different or unusual. Dinner-and-movie date is common and this might not make for a memorable date anymore.

Going to a zoo, an aquarium, a street fair or bazaar is quite bizarre and may spark a different kind of feeling for your date. You can take this as an opportunity to explore and know each other’s interests and experience something new together. And if in case you ran out of things to say to each other, then you could just look around you and try to create a story out of the animals you see right before your eyes.

You might end up laughing at your own stories or end up having a more warm conversation. It is also a good idea to bring a camera just in case you need to capture something funny or amusing. Sending such photos a day or two after the date helps to revisit or refresh your memory of the date.

Another idea is to set your dinner at your backyard. Prepare the dinner yourself and see to it that you have the dishes that she likes. This will give her a good impression on you. You may also want to try a walk in the moonlight. This gives a relaxing feeling and leaves her refreshed and invigorated by the cool ambiance.


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