Valentine’s Day First Date Ideas

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Valentine’s Day is a special day for couples and with only a couple days away, you should have everything well-planned and prepared. But how would you celebrate Valentine’s Day if you not have the money to buy those expensive jewelry or bring her in a fancy restaurant? Well, the truth is the lack money should not stop you from coming up with romantic first date ideas for Valentine’s Day. There are a lot of first date ideas that would not cost you a fortune. But it will still make your Valentine’s Day feel extra special.

Romantic First Date Ideas:Prepare a dinner for two.

A dinner is always on top of the list of romantic first date ideas. Since this is your first Valentine’s Day date, your partner would feel extra special if you have exerted an effort to give your home a romantic ambiance.

You took time to set a candlelight dinner and played the most romantic songs over dinner. Aside from that, your date would be truly impressed if you have prepared your Valentine’s Day meal. Your fabulous home cooked meal would cost less than what you have to pay if you go to a restaurant.

Romantic First Date Ideas: Movie night in your own place.

During Valentine’s Day, it is expected that most movie houses and restaurants are crowded. For some girls, a first date in crowded places does not seem to be a very romantic idea. Thus, a movie night right in your own home is the perfect alternative.

You can prepare a home-cooked meal for her. But if you do not have the talent is cooking; you can order a box of pizza or any of her favorite food. You can enjoy your dinner in front of the TV while watching a movie. You may opt to watch a film that you both have not seen yet;  or you may want to share your favorite movie with her. This is your first date, so choose a movie that will not offend her.

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