First Date Gifts Fail- Safe Tips

First date gifts are somewhat the cutest or the most nerve-wracking idea ever a guy can give to his date.

This gesture will make her feel that you are passionate and sensitive or just creepy. I can sense some pressure there guys, right? Well , I’m not forcing you guys to really buy your date some expensive gifts.

A lot of girls do not look for price tags if their guys give them something; they appreciate more when you’re creative and show effort for it.

Yes guys, first date is a time where you get to know the person.

A time where you can both relax and comfortably connect with each other, just don’t overstressed your mind. It’s simple!

Here are some of my precious ideas, exclusively just for you:

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1. Flowers. So prehistoric right? Yet 90% of girls go gaga when the guy gives them flowers. Flowers somewhat symbolizes romance, charm and fragility. Bring a single flower to avoid becoming too strong.

A single flower signifies a low expense no strings attached gift. Please avoid red roses for this somewhat invites intimacy. Remember, it’s only your first date. Just take it easy.

2. Personalized items with her name in it. This gift must be given if the two of you have been friends to let her know that you are considerate with her likes and dislikes. Remember small and simple. If you don’t know your date, please avoid this, it might give off a stalker vibe.

3. Box of cookies. That’s a plus if you’re the one who baked it.

4. Chocolates. A piece of heaven! Simple and sweet.

5. Feminine colored shawl. If you’re out on a dinner date, simple warmth of cloth will make her feel comfortable.

6. Books. This will bring perception of wit and communication. Just make it sure that the book is small enough or pocket size to avoid extra baggage!

And please avoid political, erotic inviting and controversial books to avoid a creepy and conceited impression.

7. Cute and cuddly stuff toys. Women in general love this. Just avoid toys that has commitment statements in it (I love you etc.).

8. Jewelry. A simple necklace or bracelet will do. Simple, inexpensive cute and not so loud designs will make an impression.

9. Aromatic candles. Light fragrance like honeysuckle, lavender, rose and jasmine would be ideal for girls.

10. Pocket Mirrors. Give her a pocket size mirror and add a compliment of how beautiful she looks when you give it to her.

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Sign Up & Learn The 4 DEADLIEST Pickup Lines You Can Use To Get Girls! (Free Video)

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