Crazy First Date Ideas For A Fun Night

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You’ve met a lovely person. You ask him or her out on a date. The person accepts your offer. Now what? Where will you go? What will you do? How will you amaze this person? How will you get this person to agree to a second date? The answer is simple: you must do something fun!

One of the vilest things you can do on a first date is act like an uninteresting person. If you give the dint that you are not a exciting person, you won’t be given the opportunity to have that second date.

So, make sure that your first date with a new person is as fun and exciting as it can be.

Do something out of the conventional. Don’t just take your date to a dinner and a movie. Everyone does that and it’s not any real fun. Here are some great first date ideas that are sure to bring a smile to your date’s face and guarantee you that second date.

A better option is to have your date in an informal setting. A good first date is to have a picnic at a park or at the beach. Take some packed lunch or buy some takeaway, after all it is only a casual date.

Take something with you to play with such as a ball to throw around. It is important to be care free. No one wants a marriage proposal on the first date.

If you have a photo of your mom in your wallet, don’t show it to your date as you will first of all appear to be a mommy’s boy and secondly you will appear to be getting on too strong. Save the family photos for later on in the relationship.

Don’t appear to be a stern guy. For example don’t talk about your job unless she asks you about it. Instead show her your fun side and show her that you have a great sense of humor. If you have a pet such as a dog, take it with you on the first date as it will add to the informal and fun feel to the date. Also most women like animals.

If you take the above advice, I can almost guarantee you that you will get to have a second date with your lady friend. Remember to make the first date fun and informal and preferably in an outdoor setting.


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