15 Fun and Romantic First Date Ideas

15 Fun and Romantic First Date Ideas

Skip those fancy dinner and movie dates. Instead, get closer with these exclusive great first date ideas.

1. Go to the beach. Have fun with the waves together.

Frolic on the sand at a local seaside. Whether you live by the sea or by the lake, take a blanket and a basket of food partnered with a bottle of wine. Spend time eating lunch together beside beautiful and invigorating water.
Undeniably, magnificent sceneries are irresistibly great. Play games near the water. Talk about your favorite summer vacation and travels. If you’re really getting along, offer to apply a sun block to her back later in the day.

2. Go to a botanical garden.

Smell the fresh flowers at an organic lawn. Enjoy yourselves with the freshness and the coolness of the breeze that touches your skin. If you love the panoramic sensation, how much pleasant it is to your date.
Women are naturally born to be nature lovers. Go your way through the properly-cut grasses and groves of growing plants. Make an effort to sit near the water fountains. Afterwards, bring her to a coffee shop for a cup of tea. This is the best way to relish the enchanting landscapes.

3. How about a cornfield maze?

Get lost together in a labyrinth. It might take hours for you to seek your way out; but, who cares? After you get out, invite her for a cup of hot cider.

4. Go to a beer brewery.

Initiate a brewery trip if you are dating with the hottest lady in the world. Make the manufacturer look more enchanting and welcoming as you take pictures and videos together. Enjoy the entire bottling routines. By giving yourself enough time to do the preliminaries beforehand, you’re making yourself all set to the taste-test.

5. Visit a comedy bar.

Laugh together at the funny group of comedians. Be ready to tag along if the stars take you onstage at some point of night. Your date will think you’re fun and cool to be with. She won’t be able to halt talking to other men with amazing spontaneity if you show off your humorous self to her.

6. Why not consider going to amusement park?

Spend the day walking around in an amusement park with her. Bringing her in a public place like this makes her feel safe and secured that everything in the date is purely done for the purpose of knowing the other better.
Find time to talk to her as you roam around the park. Talk about everything at the dolphin display. There is just one goofy reminder my friend! Take a picture of you beside her as you ride the rollercoaster together.

7. Aquarium

Filled with fishes, sharks, and historical sea turtles, this is the best place to take her. Accordingly, there is no other place that can project such a breathtaking view than this. Journey through the quiet, dark, to the most preferred spot in town. Show her how amazing you look under a glowing aquarium.

8. Learn to dance.

Sign up for an hour of dance lesson. Even if she’s not good on it, she will appreciate twirling and dancing with you around. Stay for the all-couple moving period subsequently to get more exercise. This is the best reason to keep in touch with each other more passionately.

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9. Play video games at the arcade.

Ask her to go to local video arcade. Buy a bucket of passes and play each game at least once and record your victories. Put together your passes afterwards. The one with the greatest winning gets to choose an award.

10. Play ball.

11. Practice your golf swing.

Book an hour or two at the golf club. If you really end up reaching it off, go for a game of nine gaps.
12. Go bungee jumping.
For the greatest relationship enjoyment, get your blood go wild through this. Have fun as you sky rocket through the air. Once you endure the challenge, you might be lucky enough to get a second date for skydiving.
13. Shop at the farmers’ market.
Check out those fresh products together. Ask the gardeners for their advices on fruit, cheese, and home-made loaves of breads. Take your natural products to the nearest park for a delightful meal. Make sure to load up eating utensils, a bottle of wine, and a blanket from home.
14. Feed the ducks.
Gather up your dull breads and feed it to geese at a lake. Take some food crumbs with kids hanging around, and laugh at their excitement. Carry a delectable snacks and beverages along with you for a lunch next to the water.
15. Try race go-karts.
Race around with a number of go-karts. Take turns behind the rim. Drive as a real tough man. Don’t drive like a lady. Have fun trying to go around with those smart young kids of course. If you’re really feeling amorous, it is suggested to have your own vehicles with the greatest speed series.

Courting a woman isn’t as simple as it used to be. Going back in the old days, manners and exemplary etiquette was well-established amongst everybody especially men.

Accordingly, men would open the gate for women. They pulled a chair to settle down. They drive them back home by nine. Partners would go to the soda store for a first date in order to give way to second, third, the nth date (if possible).



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  • fun first date ideas September 13, 2012 Reply

    Be the real you on your first date.This way, everything else follow will naturally. You dont have to pretend you are something that you aren’t to impress your date. Woman wants their man to be natural, for this means they are sincere.

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