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First Date Ideas on a Dime

Dates do not need to be expensive; there are a lot of proven first date ideas that will not cause your bank to break. With the current economic condition, you should know how to stretch every dollar and dime that you have. As much as you want to be extravagant on your first date; it is not a wise thing to…

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Never Ask a Woman These First Date Questions

Dating is almost similar to a job interview; you need to know what first date questions to ask or not to attain your goal. Men have the inclination to ask questions that seem to be inappropriate and unappealing. How to talk to a woman is something that men should be knowledgeable about in order to have a successful date. It…

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First Date Ideas For Men

There are some things that women find striking in men, no matter what society, culture or country they’re from. There are several of these qualities that have been identified, and in this post I’d like to cover three of them: 1. Being Fit 2. Being Socially Insightful 3. Having a Sense of Humor Let’s take a look at the first…

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